Symposia Planning & Implementation

Dylla has expertise in all aspects of symposia planning and implementation. Events coordinated include:

  • "Tools and Tactics to Combat Predatory Lending" (2000);
  • "Changing the Face of Homeownership" (2003);
  • "The Future of Homeownership Education and Counseling" (2004);
  • "Innovative Partnerships to Promote Homeownership" (2005)
  • "Keeping People in their Homes: Best Practices in Homeownership Preservation" (2006):
  • "Scale and Sustainability In Homeownership and Preservation Services" (2007):
  • "Greater Sustainability and Impact through Regional Collaboration" (2008); and
  • "Put Your Action Plan to Work: How to Use HUD's Neighborhood Stabilization Program in Your Community" (2008).